Timber Veneered Acoustic Panels
Salex Acoustics Timber Veneered Panels are made in the Netherlands by Dutch manufacturer of 40 years experience, Lambri International bv.

These high quality, tactile materials are made in Europe's newest and most environmentally advanced factory where the expectation of best quality is a daily requirement.

The products are manufactured using a wide variety of real wood veneers from a standard range which includes some 40 species with an endless list of specials including just about all other veneer types.

Acoustics through perforations and grooves Salex Acoustics Timber Veneered Acoustic Panels bring together quality of product with a quality sound absorbing performance by allowing the sound to pass through the panels where the energy is absorbed and NRC figures between 0.65 to 0.85 can be achieved with a 67mm height system.
Timber Veneered Spec Sheet
Lawapan ceiling panels
These timber veneered panels create a ceiling system which enriches the building interior with an appearance which is natural and aesthetically pleasing. The panels can be supplied with visible, concealed or semi concealed hanging systems.

Lawapan Ceiling Panels offer three types:-
, offers the product suitable for a drop in standard ceiling grip system.
, this spring loaded semi concealed system offers easy access.
, fully concealed fixing system.

Lawapan Wall Panels offer two fixing types:-
, with veneer edges and shadow gaps connected with screw clips
, is a butt joints system with bevelled edges.d

Certification is available for all the products in this range.

Topline wall panels
These timber veneered panels are ideal in creating an up market appearance wherever they are used. Often found in corridors and reception areas of quality hotels, also in Boardrooms where excellence is a priority over cost. Acoustics performance is achieved by the use of holes, grooves and slots, which allows the sound to pass through the product and the energy dissipated.

Available in a variety of different configurations to suit appearance and performance.

Certification is available for all the products in this range.

Soundtube wall panels
Relying on a chipboard core which is lightly glued the sound energy is retained in the airmass within the channels and the open spaces between the woodfibre to enable sound absorption. Like all our products this material is available with a wide choice of veneer finishes.

Certification is available for all the products in this range.

These products are of the very best quality and commend a price to match.
They were previously only found in the boardroom and high-end applications, but today find themselves specified in applications as varied as Schools and Community Centre's where the architectural choice matches fine design with superb materials.

These are very much bespoke panels where the design of the project incorporates standard sized panels for the majority of the area with purpose made edge panels giving the detail the Architect requires for a balanced design. Alternatively, non-standard sizes in order to give a uniformed appearance throughout.
The product range includes three product types
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