Abuse Resistant Acoustic Panels

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Abuse Resistant Acoustic Panels

Salex Acoustics abuse resistant acoustic panels are manufactured in the USA by Tectum Inc. Established in 1949, Tectum products have proven their durability and abuse-resistance in high-traffic, high-impact areas.

Each panel is made from wood fibre from the self-propagating Aspen tree and then mixed together with non-toxic natural binders to create an extremely strong product. With a NRC figure of between 0.5 to 1.00 dependant on application, this product is a solution to the most difficult problems within the modern construction industry. The material has also been used in offices and restaurants where its rugged appearance suits the specifiers design brief. It is available with holes and grooves, giving it a further design dimension.

Ideal as a solution within the Educational Sector, particularly in Gymnasiums or Hallways/Corridors where the need for an abuse resistant material is the main priority.


For more information please go to Tectum’s own website www.tectum.com