Anti Vibration Products

  • Anti Vibration Products

Anti Vibration Products

Specialist anti-vibration products to resolve complex vibration isolation problems.

Salex can provide vibration isolation solutions for:

Wooden floating floor anti-vibration supports

Gypsum-board isolated walls anti vibration supports

Rubber neoprene mounts

Spring mounts

Spring hangers, Rubber hangers, and other anti-vibration systems

Seismic restrains for earthquake protection

Jack up anti vibration mounts for concrete floating floors

Spring mounts have a load range from 8kg to 1500kg. Vibro Spring Mounts combine elastic and spring means to achieve a wide range of frequencies vibration control.Adjustable height, machine alignment and lateral displacement can also be achieved. Please contact us for full details on these products.

A range of materials designed to absorb vibration in construction applications such as floor design and wall mountings. They can be particularly useful for wooden floors and gypsum board partitions. Please contact us for full details on these products.

A comprehensive selection of rubber antivibration mounts in different stiffness, sizes and compositions that can be used in a vast range of applications, even for multidirectional forces. Please contact us for full details on these products.

A complete range of steel springs and rubber hangers achieving vibration isolation in low and high frequencies. The load range is 8-150 kg achieving different deflections. Please contact us for full details on these products.